C.G.B.-C.B.B. is a member of ChemPubSoc that publishes the folowing journals in collaboration with Wiley-V.C.H.:
eurjic EURJIC. European Journal  of Inorganic Chemistry (impact factor 2.941)
eurjoc EURJOC. European Journal of Organic Chemistry (impact factor 3.096)
chemistry CHEMISTRY. A EUROPEAN JOURNAL  (impact factor 5.382) 
chemphyschem CHEMPHYSCHEM. A European Journal of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry (impact factor 3.453)  
chembiochem CHEMBIOCHEM. A European Journal of Chemical Biology (impact factor 3.646)
chemmedchem CHEMMEDCHEM. Enabling Drugs Discovery (impact factor 3.232)
chemsuschem CHEMSUSCHEM. Chemistry & Sustainability.Theory & Materials (impact factor 4.767)
chemcatchem CHEMCATCHEM. Heterogeneeous & Homogeneous & Bio Catalysis
chemistryOpen CHEMISTRYOPEN, the first open access chemical society journal.
chempluschem CHEMPLUSCHEM is the first genuinely multidisciplinary chemistry journal.
CHEMELECTROCHEM, analysis & catalysis, bio & nano, energy & more.
chempubeurope Please find the first newsletter of ChemPubSocEurope by clicking here.


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